Have you ever worked in a start-up? What kind of pressures were you feeling? Below, I have decided to analyze the key components which distinguishes a big company from a small one. Enjoy! 🙂

1) No room for laziness! Due to it’s lack of resources, a small company tends to have less staff. This creates a lot more pressure on each person to perform to the best of their ability. If one person slacks off, this will directly impact  the rest of the office and could directly affect the project’s goals. Bigger companies on the other hand tend to have more staff. This makes it easier for the lazy individuals to rely on the hard-working individuals.

2) Creativity is key! What can we do to increase value which will distinguish us from our competitors? Growing a start-up means that every person needs to find ways to create value within the company. Starting out is not easy with a lot of experienced competitors in the market. The only way to grow is to think of new ideas that are not being used by competitors. Unfortunately this is the hardest part.

3) Customer service cannot be neglected! Big companies are notorious for underestimating the power of good customer service. If customers are treated well, they will most likely come back and they will most likely spread the word about your company. Small companies do not have the brand recognition and cannot afford to lose customers due to poor customer service.

4) Every deadline matters! In a start-up, work needs to get done and needs to get done quickly. No extensions or excuses. The one advantage small companies have over the bigger ones is that they can move faster.


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